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Roger W. Pryor, PhD, is president of Pryor Knowledge Systems, Inc., a COMSOL Certified Consultant. He facilitates the solution of challenging scientific and other technical problems for government contractors, academia, and industry. Pryor Knowledge Systems, Inc., became one of the first COMSOL Certified Consultants when the program was initiated. Pryor Knowledge Systems offers expert services that support a broad range of electronic, electromechanical, semiconductor, RF, microwave, electron beam, and thermal device development from basic research through mathematical multiphysics modeling, computational physics, and quantitative data analysis. Current areas of activity include infrared sensors, catalytic reaction processes and more.

Our president, Dr. Pryor, is a physicist with significant grant development and acquisition experience. He has built scientific and industrial research laboratories. He has managed scientific and industrial research teams and larger groups. Dr. Pryor has both management and hands-on research and development experience in the fields of mechanics, optics, photonics, semiconductor device structures, electronics, integrated circuits, electromagnetism, vacuum deposition, optical and electron-beam lithography, and materials science in both industrial and academic settings. He has designed, built, and applied specialized electronic devices (MNOS, PIN, FET, floating gate, etc.) using both amorphous and crystalline semiconductor materials (e.g., chalcogenides, silicon, diamond, and boron nitride).

Areas of Specialization:

  • Semiconductor device modeling
    • Photonic interconnects
    • Integrated circuits
    • SPICE
    • FET
    • Floating gate
  • Electronic device modeling
    • Transient suppressors
    • Resistors
    • Inductors
    • Capacitors
    • Microwave devices
    • Filters
    • Tuners
  • Thermal modeling
    • Heat sink
    • Soldering (phase change)
    • Heat transfer
    • Processing
    • Electrodeposition
  • Conductive interconnects
    • Optical lithography
    • Electron-beam lithography
    • Conductive inks
    • Conductive glue
  • Energy Harvesters
    • Photodiodes
    • Solar cells
    • Energy harvester circuits
    • Windmills
  • Scientific and industrial metrology
    • Precision measurements (distance, time, frequency, etc.)
  • COMSOL® software training
    • Employee team/group or student group training
    • The latest book is the second edition of Multiphysics Modeling Using COMSOL® 5 and MATLAB®

Available Services

Pryor Knowledge Systems provides scientific and industrial research and development solutions to their clients, through training and assistance.

Now Available

Multiphysics Modeling Using COMSOL 5 and MATLAB