Wetind Technology AB

Address and Contact Information

Wetind Technology AB

PhD Ruben Wetind
Bullås 176
86592 Alnö, Sweden
Tel: +46 72 2224602
Website: www.wetind.se

Wetind Technology AB has 20 years of experience in fluid dynamics focused on large scale industrial applications in a demanding international market. We have helped our customers in areas such as pulp and paper, carton packaging, electrochemical processes and water purifications. This has many times involved complicated non Newtonian Multiphase flow in rotating systems.

Our ambition is to help you understand your process better by visualizing the flow that is involved. In the development of new devices, machines and processes these studies has proved to be highly economical.

Failure and unexpected wearing can many times be explained by cavitation or undesired flow phenomena. We are experienced in visualizing and explaining such behavior.

Wetind Technology AB has also helped customers developing their own tailored simulation models and tools for specialized processes.

Wetind Technology AB are known for providing an innovative - out of the box - thinking.

  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Simulations in Paper and Pulp
  • Multiphase flows
  • Rotating flow
  • Industrial applications