How can I see who is currently using a floating network license?

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标题: How can I see who is currently using a floating network license?
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I am working with a floating network license of COMSOL. How can I determine who is currently using COMSOL or a specific module?


The COMSOL installation provides FlexNet license utility programs that produce a list of current COMSOL users for all licensed products, see below for platform-dependent instructions.

For more information about the FlexNet licensing system, and more detailed options through the lmutil and lmstat tools, see the COMSOL Multiphysics Documentation page (from the GUI, navigate to Help->Documentation->FlexNet Documentation->License Administration Guide).
More advanced usage tracking is offered by third-party tools like FlexNet Manager.


Use the LMTOOLS utility:

  • Start > All Programs > COMSOL Multiphysics 5.4 > COMSOL Launchers > LMTOOLS
  • On the Service/License File tab, choose Configuration using License File.
  • Browse to the local license file C:\Program Files\COMSOL\COMSOL54\Multiphysics\license\license.dat (NB: The Open file dialog is preset to look for .lic files. To find the license.dat file, please change the file type.)
  • Go to the Server Status page and select Perform Status Enquiry.

If the license manager serves more than one software it can sometimes be more convenient to use the command line alternative in Windows to get more control:

  • In Windows Explorer, go to the folder license/win64 under Multiphysics.
  • In the address field in Windows Explorer, write cmd and press Enter to get a command prompt in the mentioned folder.
  • At the command prompt enter lmutil lmstat –a –c ../license.dat or lmutil lmstat –a –c 1718@licsrv. Here 1718 is the port and licsrv is the name of the license manager stated at the top of the license file.


Open a terminal window and run these commands:

cd /usr/local/comsol54/multiphysics/license/glnxa64
./lmstat -a -c ../license.dat | grep Users

Alternatively,if you know the host name of the license manager you will not need the license.dat file:

cd /usr/local/comsol54/multiphysics/license/glnxa64
./lmstat -a -c 1718@licsrv | grep Users

Here, 1718 is the default port, and lcsrv the host name of the license manager. You can see this information in the license file on the first line as SERVER licsrv 123456789 1718. The | grep Users statement gives a shorthand information page. You can skip that to get full information. For more information, see ./lmstat -h

Mac OS X

Start the Terminal application and run these commands:

cd /Applications/COMSOL54/Multiphysics/license/maci64
./lmstat -a -c ../license.dat

If you cannot access the binaries you can donwload them from Solution 1022.


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