Cannot start COMSOL on Mac OS X when two displays are connected

Solution Number: 1224
Title: Cannot start COMSOL on Mac OS X when two displays are connected
Platform: Macintosh
Categories: Error Messages
Keywords: Displays, Thunderbolt

Problem Description

I try to run COMSOL on Mac OS X with multiple displays connected, but it crashes.


The error comes from the license manager who has issues handling multiple displays connected via thunderbolt connections. A work around for this issue is to run this command from a terminal:

sudo kextunload /System/Library/Extensions/AppleThunderboltIP.kext​

After doing this, you might get a license error message regarding incorrect HostID when launching COMSOL. In that case, please run the /Applications/COMSOL52/Multiphysics/license/maci64/lmhostid command from the Terminal application send us the output. We will create a new license file with the HostIDs generated from this command.

Please note that this command needs to be run each time that the computer has been rebooted. To avoid having to do this manually, you can write a script that is run on startup of the machine.


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