Missing compiler license for products used in model

Solution Number: 1251
Title: Missing compiler license for products used in model
Versions: 5.4
Categories: General
Keywords: Compiler, CAD

Problem Description

The error "Missing compiler license for products used in model" occurs.


This error message occurs if the model you are compiling uses CAD functionality that is not available for compiled applications. For some models this problem can be fixed by converting the model to use the COMSOL geometry kernel. To convert the model manually, change the geometry representation for all geometry sequences in the model to "COMSOL kernel". Then rebuild all geometry sequences and re-solve the model. Alternatively, the following procedure can be used:

  • Save the model.
  • Open preferences and change "Geometry > Geometry representation > When opening an existing model" to "Convert to COMSOL kernel".
  • Open the saved model.
  • Answer "Yes" to the question "Rebuild geometry using COMSOL kernel?".

Note that the conversion to COMSOL kernel does not work if the model uses features that are not supported by the COMSOL kernel, such as CAD defeaturing operations and LiveLink connections. Before such a model can be compiled, it has to be changed to not depend on such CAD features.


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