Composite Materials Modeling News

时长: 43:14

Get an introduction to the updates in the Composite Materials Module as of version 5.5 from Pawan Soami, technical product manager at COMSOL. Follow along as Pawan takes you through the specialized features and functionality for analyzing layered composite materials and structures, including:

  • Piezoelectricity and thermal stress interfaces
  • Multiphysics couplings for acoustics and fluid flow
  • Delamination
  • Failure criteria
  • And more

Got questions about the Composite Materials Module? Contact us and we would be happy to assist you.


Introduction (0:00) Agenda (0:10) Composite Materials Module (1:47) Composite Materials Module Overview (2:41) New Piezoelectricity, Layered Shell Interface (4:31) Examples: Piezoelectricity in a Layered Shell (5:16) New Thermal Stress Interfaces (6:25) Example: Thermal Expansion of a Laminate (7:00) New Multiphysics Couplings (8:15) New Delamination Functionality (9:02) Example: Forced Vibration of a Laminate (11:15) Example: Mixed-Mode Delamination of a Composite Laminate (12:46) Example: Progressive Delamination in a Laminated Shell (13:55) New Failure Criteria (15:18) Poll Question 1 (16:04) New Layered Membrane (16:52) Layered Linear Elastic Material (Shell Interface) (17:41) New Nonlinear Materials (Layered Shell Interface) (18:22) New Nonlinear Materials (Shell Interface) (18:53) New Material Activation (19:28) New Mixed Formulation (20:13) New Structural Couplings (20:36) New Contact Functionality (22:08) Example: Composite Wheel Rim (22:47) New Variable Layer Thickness Option (23:47) New Transform Options (24:28) New Interface Selection Options (25:03) Changes in Layer Selection (25:38) Changes in Single Layer Material (26:29) Poll Question 2 (27:04) Display of Normal Directions (27:57) Visualization of 3D Solid Representation (29:08) Visualization of Fiber Draping (29:37) Layered Material Dataset Enhancements (30:25) Layered Material Slice Plot Enhancements (31:04) Through Thickness Plot Enhancements (31:38) Miscellaneous (32:13) Q&A (40:06) Further Resources (42:31)