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Double Precision is a Cambridge-based consultancy that specializes in providing mathematical modeling services to a wide range of industrial clients as well as characterizing and testing materials. Our clients include international law firms; multinational corporations; FTSE 100 companies; local and national consultancies and design agencies; as well as government agencies, manufacturers, universities, and small- and medium-sized enterprises in the UK. Our primary goal is to provide clients with realistic, accurate, and cost-effective solutions to real-world engineering problems.

Areas of Expertise

At Double Precision, we have expertise in the following areas of simulation:

  • Structural
    • Elasticity
    • Hyperelasticity
    • Viscoelasticity
    • Superelasticity
    • Plasticity and high-strain-rate plasticity
    • Creep
    • Fatigue
    • Damage
    • Fracture (XFEM, VCCT, and cohesive zone laws)
  • Thermal
    • Steady-state heat transfer
    • Transient heat transfer
    • Radiation
    • Conduction
    • Convection (buoyancy driven and forced)
  • Fluid
    • Laminar
    • Turbulent
    • Multiphase
    • Permeable materials
  • Coupled systems
    • Thermomechanical
    • Thermoelectric
    • Fluid-structure
    • Conjugate heat transfer

Our team also specializes in testing the following areas:

  • Mechanical
    • Stress/strain
    • Creep
    • Fatigue
    • Fracture toughness
    • Indentation hardness
    • Ballistic impact and high-speed cameras
    • Dynamic mechanical analysis (polymers)
  • Thermal
    • Differential scanning calorimetry
    • Thermal conductivity
    • Specific heat capacity
    • Thermal expansion via dilatometry
  • Physical
    • Density
  • Metallurgical
    • Microstructural examination (polishing, grinding, and etching)
    • Optical microscopy
    • Scanning electron microscopy and EDX analysis
  • 3D imaging and analysis
    • X-ray tomography
    • 3D reconstruction, visualization, and analysis
  • Materials
    • Metals
    • Polymers
    • Ceramics

Additional Skills

With the help of our services, clients can successfully realize the key goals of their project. We achieve this by utilizing our theoretical expertise in finite element methods and analysis, deep understanding of fluid and structural mechanics, appreciation for the microstructural origin of material behavior, and knowledge of finite element methods for solving complicated engineering problems.

Please contact us today to see how we can address and support your design, development, validation, and optimization challenges.

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