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Investigation of 1D Compressible Navier Stokes Using Equation-Based Modeling

James D Freels, ORNL (retired), Adjunct Faculty and A. J. Baker, Professor Emeritus, both with The University of Tennessee/Knoxville

The subject paper was presented at the 2020 COMSOL Virtual Boston Conference and received the best paper award. At that time, the author committed to releasing an application to reproduce the results shown in the paper and allow the users to experiment with the new stabilization method described. The author has also received many requests for this application. This exchange contribution provides the full model file (as opposed to an application), whereas, the reader/user will have full access to all the details described by the paper. Two model files are uploaded: (1) Burger's equation solver, and (2) shock tube solver. Of course, the user may change anything, but it is recommended to start with simple changes such as the number of elements, the element order (linear, quadratic, etc.), Reynolds number, or the selection of ideal/real gas in the shock tube model. The author and co-author have continued their collaboration, and are nearing publication of results for the 2D compressible flow extension to this new stabilization method. We look forward to sharing this new information with the COMSOL user and development community.

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