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Singularity in tin_melting_front Example in the Library Application

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Hello, In the Library Application, tin_melting_front, I apply the same model for longer time (40,000 s instead of just 10,000 s) and it just does NOT converge at around 30,000 s (look at graphs attached). Of course this is because the melting front almost reaches the cold boundary side. My model has similar feature except that instead of the cold boundary there is fluctuated hourly heat flux from a source, so it will absorb heat for some hours and release heat for different hours. Thus, my question is how to keep simulating even if the melting front reaches the right boundary (solid domain almost diminished) because it will grow back up after few hours? In another words, I want to let the simulation ignore the nonconverging period and keep heating the domains (raising temperature) until the building start absorb heat from the domain then the solid domain start growing back. Thanks. Ahmad.

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