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COMSOL Multiphysics 案例库模型来自广泛的应用领域,包括电气、机械、流体和化工等行业。您可以下载现成即可使用的模型,以及详细的建模步骤说明,作为您建模工作的起点。请使用“快速搜索”查找与您的专业领域相关的模型,并登录或创建一个与有效的 COMSOL 许可证相关联的 COMSOL Access 帐户,下载模型文件。

Thin Layer Chronoamperometry

The common electroanalytical method of exhaustive amperometric detection in a microscopic thin layer is modelled as a 1D-symmetric diffusion problem. The simulated result agrees with the analytical Cottrell equation at short times, and deviates as expected at long times when the diffusion layer spans the thin layer cell.

Simple Diffuse Double Layer

Simplified version of the "Diffuse Double Layer" model to demonstrate the coupling of Electrostatics to Transport of Diluted Species under conditions of: - zero current - cell size much greater than Debye length These conditions are common in many applications where users may want to solve the Nernst-Planck-Poisson equations to predict double layer structure in a system. Compared to the Model ...

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