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Address & Contact Information

Acculution ApS
C/O René Christensen
Thorshøjvej 4
DK-2650 Hvidovre
+45 2190 4190

Acculution ApS was founded in 2021 by René Christensen. Having worked with simulation-based engineering in the loudspeaker and hearing aid industry for several years, he decided to go self-employed to offer his expertise to the industry in general. With close to 20 years of experience in numerical analysis of physical problems, you are ensured a high competence level. Having had to keep track of hundreds of different simulation setups with associated files, a rigorous system for simulation file management is in place to ensure proper revision control and continuous progress overview.

Acculution also offers formal optimization, such as shape and topology optimization, for accelerated virtual prototyping of parts or systems, where the combination of traditional simulations and optimization mathematics drive the final design.

If you see the need for simulations, but do not yet have a person dedicated to this field, an app can be a good starting point. With an app, you can have a simulation setup boiled down to your needs with a simple user interface, while having the full core functionality of COMSOL Multiphysics® working behind the scenes.

Acculution ApS is continuously involved in research, such as acoustics metamaterial design, microacoustics, shape and topology optimization, and geophysics, just to name a few. The underlying thought is to always have a focus on science-based engineering solutions by walking the fine line between academia and industry.

Finally, Acculution offers training within the field of acoustical simulation using finite-element- and boundary-element-based simulations. The training can be designed to be anywhere between purely theoretical and completely product specific.

Areas of Expertise

  • Acoustics: For clients unfamiliar with acoustics simulations, a knowledge ramp-up is often what is needed to get going with evaluating sound radiation from their products
    • Lumped parameter modeling
    • Transmission line modeling
    • General FEM and BEM simulations
    • Phase decomposition
  • Vibroacoustics: For clients looking at transducers (for example, loudspeaker drivers and microphones) and/or vibroacoustic systems (for example, hearing aids, headphones, and loudspeakers), the coupling between the vibrating structures and the adjacent acoustics domains must be understood and taken correctly into account
    • General FEM and BEM simulations
      • Frequency response curves
      • Displacement characteristics
    • Phase decomposition
    • Magnetics simulations
      • Impedance curves
      • Telecoil placement
    • Nonlinear structural mechanics
      • Loudspeaker suspension design
    • Composite materials
      • Anisotropic material modeling
  • Microacoustics
    • Experienced with all available microacoustics modeling methods, both theoretically and from an industry perspective, so that the most efficient model can be chosen for your specific needs
      • Perforated plates
      • Microphones
      • Hearing aids
  • Shape optimization: Formal mathematics-based design of product part shapes
    • Waveguides and horns
    • Structural surface optimization for hearing aids
    • Compression drivers
  • Topology optimization: Formal mathematics-based design of product part topologies
    • Phase plugs
    • Structural domains when space is limited
  • App design
    • Design based on a barebones user interface based on COMSOL Multiphysics®
A collage of four loudspeaker simulations modeled by Acculution ApS.

Feel free to contact Acculution ApS for an informal talk, whether you are considering getting into simulation-based solutions or need very specific simulation help.

Consultant Contributions

COMSOL Day Keynote

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A collage of three head and torso simulators (HATS) modeled in COMSOL Multiphysics<sup>®</sup>.