Analysis and Development of Koch Fractal Dipole Antennas

V. S. Wildner[1], M. G. Vanti[1]
[1]Regional University of Blumenau - FURB, Blumenau, SC, Brazil
发布日期 2014

Devices of mobile communication require smallest sizes of antennas. This is one of the applications of fractal antennas which have reduced size or are multiband and can be used for mobile phone, RFID, Wi-Fi, digital TV, among other applications. The Koch fractal geometry allows better space filling, then it is possible to build antennas electrically longer than linear antennas that have the same height, so dipole antennas with Koch curve have lower resonance frequency than linear antennas with the same total height. The aim of this work is to simulate dipole antennas of 20 cm long with differents iterations of Koch and compare the results with the measurements obtained in physically built antennas.