Numerical Simulation of Bank Protection Structure Deformation due to River Level Fluctuations

R. Hu [1], Y. Xing [1],
[1] School of Earth Science and Engineering, Hohai University, Nanjing, China
发布日期 2016

In this study, based on a bank protection structure engineering at Yangtze River, a 2D water-soil coupling model is established, in which the influence of water level fluctuation on groundwater seepage and soil shear strength is considered. According to the water level measured data of the Yangtze River, the displacement of bank protection structure is calculated and the structural deformation under extreme water level condition is predicted. The simulation results show a good agreement between horizontal displacement of monitoring points and the fluctuation of the water level. In the simulation scenario with extreme low water level, the maximum displacement of the pile is about 65mm which has exceeded warning value of this project and it may cause excessive deformation, which should be seriously considered.