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Modeling a Phase Change Material Layer in a Heated Floor

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I am seeking your expertise regarding a numerical model that I am currently developing in COMSOL Multiphysics. My objective is to model a phase change material layer integrated into a heated floor, and I would really appreciate any guidance on the physics to use as well as the associated equations.

Here is an overview of my project and the challenges I am encountering:

Geometry and Meshing:

I have already created the geometry of the multilayer heating element within COMSOL and generated a suitable mesh for the simulation.

Intended Physics:

I plan to include the following physics to model the heating phenomenon:

Heat transfer in the solid: To simulate the heat distribution throughout the floor layer.

Heat transfer in the fluid and laminar flow: My model involves fluid circulation within the heating layer when the phase change material transitions into the liquid phase.

Boundary and Initial Conditions:

I will define the appropriate boundaries and initial conditions for each physics module that I have selected.

Material Parameters:

I have defined the thermal and mechanical properties of the materials constituting the heating layer, such as thermal conductivity, thermal capacity, density, etc.


  1. How can I define the solid/liquid fraction?
  2. How can I formulate the latent heat equation based on the fraction?
  3. Between these physics modules, namely, Heat transfer in the solid and Heat transfer in the fluid, where can I define the phase change material condition?

Thank you in advance for your time and support. I am looking forward to your valuable input on this matter.

Best regards,

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