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N. Grundy
SMS Concast, Switzerland



K. Suthar, C. Benmore
Argonne, IL, USA

作为治病救人的常规行业,制药公司需要输送高质量药品的系统。有一种用泡沫包裹的换能器,能利用声悬浮器产生声波。并利用来自声波的声力,将化学粒子悬浮于换能器之间,并将它们混合到一个无污染空间中。 阿贡国家实验室的 Kamlesh Suthar 和 Chris Benmore 使用 COMSOL Multiphysics ...

HFIR 的新燃料:ORNL 通过多物理场仿真研究燃料转型的安全性和可靠性

F. Curtis, J.D. Freels
Oak Ridge National Lab, TN, USA

由于人们日益意识到核材料扩散所产生的风险,全球减少核威胁倡议(Global Threat Reduction)呼吁使用高浓缩铀(HEU)的研究型反应堆改用低浓缩铀(LEU)燃料。橡树岭国家实验室(ORNL)的高通量同位素反应堆(HFIR),是使用 HEU 燃料的反应堆。 ...

Innovative Thermal Insulation Techniques Bring Vaccines to the Developing World

D. Gasperino, O. Yildirim
Intellectual Ventures, WA, USA

When medical professionals transport vaccines, their cargo needs to be kept at a cool temperature. This limits their ability to travel to regions where there is not enough electricity. Intellectual Ventures’ Global Good program designed a thermos-like container that is powered by ice and keeps vaccines cool for long periods of time. They used COMSOL Multiphysics and its Heat Transfer Module and ...

Doubling Beam Intensity Unlocks Rare Opportunities for Discovery at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory

M. A. Hassan, T. Khabiboulline, J. Reid
Fermilab, IL, USA

Behind the discovery of the most fundamental and rare physical processes within our universe is powerful technology, such as the particle accelerators in use today at Fermilab. For over 40 years, one particle accelerator in particular, the Booster synchrotron, has been instrumental in providing high-intensity proton beams for particle physics experiments at the lab. A highly coordinated effort ...


S. Yushanov, J. Crompton, and K. C. Koppenhoefer, Altasim Technologies, OH, USA


Optimized Induction Heating Techniques Improve Manufacturing Processes

I. Jain,
Tata Steel, India

Induction heating has become a valuable tool used by the steel industry for manufacturing various metal products. The process provides more precise heating control, uses less energy, and offers better quality assurance and reliability than traditional production processes. Tata Steel, one of the top ten steel companies worldwide, is using multiphysics simulation to analyze the electromagnetic, ...

Optimizing Built-in Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors

C. Evans, Schrader, Ireland

Built-in tire pressure sensors need to be able to withstand the wear and tear of working within a car’s tire rim. Their design needs to be optimized for both sensitivity and strength. Schrader Electronics built a sensor that works accurately and lasts while operating on a moving tire's rim. They used the Structural Mechanics Module and CAD Import Module of COMSOL Multiphysics to optimize their ...

Modeling Helps Improve Safety in the Production of Teflon

Martin Beckmann-Kluge & Fabio Ferrero

BAM German Federal Institute for Materials Research & Testing, Berlin, Germany

BAM German Federal Institute for Materials Research & Testing in Berlin promotes industrial development by providing research and consultation on materials technology and chemical engineering. Their recent work has been in analyzing the process by which highly flammable TFE gas is converted into a solid called PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), or the non-stick coating commonly known as ...